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Ascoli Books is an eclectic collection of new, cutting edge authors; of used, near new to fine, all First Editions of contemporary authors; of VG to Fine editions of rare and collectible books, many of them children’s series.  Here you will find authors Paul Rosenberg; Robert Camp; Sandy Sandfoot; and Jack Campitelli, just to name a few.

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Adventures in Human SpaceAdventures in Human Space
A Sci-Fi Adventure by Sandy Sandfort
It is the late 21st Century an humans are finally colonizing the Solar System, finding fabulous wealth and re-discovering freedom in the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars.
But the United World government on Terra (Earth) envies the Belters' wealth, fears their freedom, and is determined to ge these 'cowboys' back under central control, one way or another.
E-Book Version Available
A Lodging of Wayfaring Men
By Paul Rosenberg
A Lodging of Wayfaring Men is the story of freedom-seekers who create an alternative society on the Internet - a virtual society, with no possibility of oversight or control. It grows so fast that governments and 'leaders' are terrified, and fight to co-opt this syber-society before it undermines the power of the governing elite.. . . . More about this title 

Production Versus Plunder
By Paul Rosenberg

History opens itself to you in this book. By following the central conflict of human history (production versus plunder), the rise and fall of human civilizations become understandable. The truth is that the battles and names that most of us learn in school are never connected to their most basic causes, and therefore never really fit together into an understandable whole. In this book, however, they do.  

When history comes together into a coherent story, quite a few surprises can be seen, such as the fact that the Sumerians did not create the first culture: They destroyed it. Or, that Athens did not create the Golden Age of the Greeks: They ended it.
. . .  More about this title

Go and See, A Journey About Getting to Lean (Manufacturing Practices)
By Robert B Camp


Go and See: A Journey About Getting To Lean is a giant small book, easy to read, easy to understand, and full of the kinds of guides and metrics a professional will need to succeed in the Lean world. 
While Go and See is in some respects a complete handbook about Lean, it is also a passionate persuasion for managers and workers to at least begin the journey.
The raison d'etre of Go and See is that there is no long-term substitute for learning and taking to heart and hand the rubric of Lean. Industries cannot be saved by a continual shift of locale to ever-new fonts of cheaper labor. Once a company has gone 'Lean" it can compete successfully with any company with any low cost of labor - - anywhere. . . . More about this title


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